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Beginner’s Guide For Setting Up a Server in Terraria

Beginner’s Guide For Setting Up a Server in Terraria
Terraria is without any doubt, one of the most fun and adventurous multiplayer games that offers a very unique experience that many major AAA titles lack to offer. Terraria can be a bit difficult and less fun when you’re playing alone but if you have a couple of friends that are also into this excellent adventure game then teaming up with them will save you a lot of frustration.

Exploring the wild and finding the best resources will increase your chances of survival because you can craft some dangerous weapons to fight against the most fierce enemies. Terraria is surely more fun when you’re playing with your friends and for that, you must have your own dedicated server where all of your friends can play together.

Setting up a server in Terraria is actually quite simple. It might get complicated in the middle but our easy to access guide will make things quite easier for you. The first thing that you’ll need to is head to the directory folder of the games and run ‘TerrariaServer.Exe’. A window will pop-up where you can easily customize your server. For example, you can choose the world of your own choice.

If you don’t have any world map then you can easily create a new one by typing ‘n’ and a fresh cmd file will appear that will ask you to add the maximum number of players you want in the server. Note, the higher the number is the more data it will need to run smoothly. If you’re not sure if your PC can handle the server then I’d recommend going forward with paid hosting.

Once you’ve put in the numbers, the server will be live but you’ll need a few cmd commands to help you through the process. Type ‘Help’ in the batch file and a list of useful commands will appear on the screen.

Now that the server is live, open the game and click on the ‘Multiplayer’ option. From there, you will have to choose the ‘Join with IP’ option. After choosing your character, you will be asked to type the local IP address. Now you will have two options, you can either join the server by typing ‘localhost’ or your IP address which is Both of them will do the same thing and join you on the server.

For your friends, you will have to share your IP with them. There are many websites on Google that you could use to find our IP address or you could just type ‘what is my IP’ in the Google search bar. Once your friends have your IP, they could easily access your server within a few minutes.

Setting up a local server was the easy part but if you want a stable dedicated server then you’ll have to do a lot more work then just open a single file. Setting up a dedicated server in Terraria is a bit complicated but this guide will surely make things easier for you.

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