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White Nights Summer 2020 - An Overview Of The Gaming Industry in San Francisco

White Nights Summer 2020 - An Overview Of The Gaming Industry in San Francisco

July 21st, 2020 - White Nights Summer 2020 will provide an overview of the game industry in San Francisco and the US, delivered by Game World Observer.

The 2nd day of the global games industry conference counting more than 10.000 online attendees. The event will virtually move you to five different cities - London, Saint Petersburg, Berlin, Shenzhen, and San Francisco - introducing you to the local markets and regional ambassadors. The program of today (Tuesday) will include:

Chartboost - "Into the Kitchen of an Advertising Platform: the Ins and Outs of UA in 2020"
How do the advertising algorithms work? What makes a programmatic bidder different from an adnetwork? How can I apply bid multipliers successfully into my campaigns? What can I do when my conversion is not high? These are few of the questions that we frequently get from advertisers. In this session we'll uncover the way advertising platforms work internally so that UA managers can run their campaigns more effectively in the future.

Mixi - "Entertainment and Beyond: Key Strategies for Successful Games"
When trying to be successful in games, it is important to have a purpose beyond entertainment. Monster Strike, a worldwide top grossing mobile game, is more than just a game - it is an entertainment institution with a diverse media mix strategy. Langer Lee, Director of Corporate Planning & Strategy at mixi, will share their key strategies for success and how developers can adopt them.

Audience network by facebook - "3 Ways App Bidding is Transforming Businesses”
App bidding is marking a new era in ad monetisation thanks to the real-time, fair and transparent auctions. By removing the need to manage complex waterfalls, publishers can focus more energy on growing their business. Join us to hear how app bidding is transforming companies and how it can help you drive greater revenue, efficiency and more.

Snapchat - "A Destination for Games”
Snap Inc. is becoming a platform for new and immersive gaming experiences. Snap Games just turned one year old and during this first year more than 100 Million Snapchatters have played our games. Snap Kit, our SDK for social, brings identity and sharing to these experiences. And, the Bitmoji For Games SDK now enables Developers to bring 3D Bitmojis directly into their games, across mobile, PC and console. In this session, Pedro will share the different ways developers are leveraging our platform to build, engage and grow their audiences.

Game World Observer & Geogrify and Global Game Jam - "American Game Industry in a Nutshell”
Oleg Nesterenko as a field reporter of Game World Observer will provide a quick overview of the game industry in San Francisco and the US with Kate Edwads, CEO and Executive Director of Geogrify and Global Game Jam.

VK - "Games in Superapp”
This lecture is about future of the largest Russia and CIS social network - VK, and place of html5 games in this future. Alexander will talk about the VK Superapp and advantages, that html5 game developers can find at VK mobile gaming platform in the nearest future.

Zimad - "What You Should Do to Make Your Retargeting as Bad as Humanly Possible”
ZiMAD has prepared the worst retargeting advice there is. Step by step we’ll teach you the basics of bad retargeting. Who said retarget will get you more paying users? Do you really need to segment them? A fresh look at retargeting may generate some good ideas.

FIRESIDE CHAT - "Game Monetisation: The In-game Advertising Edition"
COVID-19 has highlighted the power of gaming not just as a form of entertainment but also its ability to connect. Because of this, it’s attracted a lot of premium brands and advertisers attention. So how can game publishers and developers use this new momentum to their advantage in terms of monetization of their IP? Charlotte Cook, Bidstack’s VP Gaming and Ronak Patel, tmwi’s Group Planning Director are sitting down with Vanessa Goff-Yu, Bidstack’s Marketing Director to talk about one form of game monetization: native in-game advertising. They’re going to take a deeper look into what attracted brands like MG Motor UK to the space and give the audience a couple of hints and tips around what game publishers and developers should be looking for in an in-game advertising partner.
Speakers: Charlotte Cook, VP Gaming, Bidstack / Ronak Patel, Group Planning Director, tmwi & Vanessa Goff-Yu, Marketing Director, Bidstack

Huuuge Games - "How To Create Great Publishing Pitch”
Choosing & approaching publisher with good pitch is hard. Many presentation we see at Huuuge Publishing are still missing crucial points which allows publisher to evaluate company & games fast. In this session we will show important steps in finding publisher & walk through Huuuge Publishing Pitch Template we ask developers to fill in. This session will be valuable for studios at any stage who are currently looking for Publishers & Investors.

Riot Games - "Forging Your Path: How to Stand out From the Crowd”
Leanne is head of Riot Forge at Riot Games, during this talk she will give an introduction to Riot Forge and present some key ideas for how your studio can stand out from the crowd in order to obtain partnerships and publishing support. Leanne will give examples of how a studio or developer, can position themselves to be the best possible candidates for collaboration. As well as give some insight into what Riot Forge is looking for next.

PANEL DISCUSSION - "Sound Design in AAA Games”
Join the panel discussion hosted by Dolby to learn the insights on creating the sound design for AAA games.
Speakers: Robert Ridihalgh, Sr. Technical Audio Director, Microsoft  / Jason Kanter, Principal Audio Lead, Avalanche Studio / Mark Petty, Audio Director, Gearbox Software  & Jay Weinland, Audio Director, EA Industrial Toys.
Moderator: Andy Vaughan, Sr. Developer Relations Manager, Dolby

SuperEvil MegaCorp - "From Vainglory to Catalyst Black : Journey to Build Next Generation Mobile Games”
Super Evil Megacorp has a rather unique positioning as a rare core game only development company. In 2014, they shocked the world with Vainglory by showing that mobile game's production value can be as good as PC or Console games. After six years of silence, Super Evil is getting ready to come back with their second title Catalyst Black, next generation battleground shooter. Taewon Yun, CBO of Super Evil, will be giving a behind the scene sneak peak on Catalyst Back's development and how they will evolve it for crossplatform future.

We wish you all a great day at White Nights Summer 2020!

White Nights Summer 2020 - An Overview Of The Gaming Industry in San Francisco

The White Nights Conference is a leading B2B event for the game industry in Europe. It gathers key companies from European countries, Russia & CIS, Asia, and the US - over 4,500 attendees per year offline and over 10,000 participants online. The main reason to attend the White Nights events - according to the visitors' feedback - is an opportunity to meet decision-makers face-to-face. You can have direct communication with any conference attendee with the help of the WN Hub, the game industry communication platform. 
This summer the White Nights Conference is going online unlocking new regions and opportunities for business networking. Is it possible to travel when the borders are closed? We say yes!
The White Nights Summer will help you do that. The conference will take place not in one, but in five different cities:

Berlin (20.07)
San Francisco (21.07)
London (22.07)
Shenzhen (23.07)
Saint Petersburg (24.07)

Each day of the show will be devoted to one of the cities.  What does it mean?
The conference will ‘travel’ around the world sharing the latest industry news and insights on those particular regions.

Events list: 
White Nights Summer 2020 – 20-24 July, 2020 (online)
White Nights Moscow – October 14-15, 2020
White Nights Berlin – January, 2021
White Nights CEO Summit Barcelona — Spring 2021

The White Nights events is a part of a business ecosystem powered by WN Media Group. It also includes such services as WN Hub, TalentsInGames.comPublisher Wanted, GameWorldObserver.com and App2Top.ru. Besides, one of the company's divisions is a game development studio called WN Games.

For more information: 
White Nights Summer’20 Online: https://wnconf.com
Ticket and register here: https://wnconf.com/#registration

Media contact: 
Eisvita Ziemelyte

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