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How to Increase Your PS4 Storage

Here's how you can increase the storage for your PS4 using external HDDs and SSDs.
Although we live in the most advanced times in terms of technology, we are still dealing with one particular problem. There is just never enough storage. Whether it is your PC, smartphone, and even PS4, the problem is the same. Therefore we decided that today, we are going to help all console gamers out there and share some tips on how to increase PS4 storage.

How Much Space Your PS4 Really Has?

A standard PlayStation 4 comes with 500 GB of storage space on its internal hard drive, but is it all at your disposal? Not really. A total of 93 GB goes on OS, so you actually have 407 GB to store your apps and games. Now, 407 GB is still a lot, but if you're a gamer who likes to try every new game and explore them, you're definitely going to need more than that.  
There is also 1 TB version, perfect for those who don't want to bother with having to delete a game every time they want to install a new one. But some games require up to 100 GB, which makes it clear that even with 1 TB, your free storage space can disappear in no time. Games like RDR2, CODMW, and GTAV need almost 100GB of space and in this case, you’ll only own a handful of games and if we were to count the regular updates then it’s clear as a day that even 1TB storage is not enough.

Why Should You Upgrade Your PS4 Storage?

The obvious reason is, of course, to have more space for new games, without deleting some of the old ones. Investing in a faster hard drive or even SSD will increase the speed and overall performance of your PS4. HDDs and SSDs can be easily installed in a PS4 but if you want to increase the performance then I’d suggest buying an SSD. However, SSDs are quite expensive and if you don’t feel like spending a lot of $$$ then HDDs are the best option out there.
How to Increase Storage on PS4
When it comes to options you have for expanding the room, there is not a lot of them, but they are all worth considering. The easiest solution works just as well as the more complicated one, so you shouldn't worry about that. However, the price can be a determining factor for some gamers, so let's explore your options and compare them.

Getting an External HDD

This is by far the easiest solution you can pick. You can purchase any USB 3.0 hard drive to serve as external storage, but keep in mind that PlayStation 4 only supports drives up to 8 TB. All you have to do is to plug it in and format it so that it works as external storage where your games would be installed by default. Tbh, 8Tb is definitely a lot and you won’t be getting low on storage any time soon. This is one of the best options to increase the storage for your PS4 because all you will have to do is simply plug n play.

Getting an External SSD

Solid-state drive, known as SSD, became popular since they are a more durable, faster, and, therefore, more cost-effective solution. Portable SSD can help reduce loading time and boost the performance of your PlayStation. It is very straightforward to use, and it does not differ much from installing an external HDD. 
An SSD has been around for quite a while but they were not part of the previous-gen consoles. But after the PS4’s software update, the console was able to support external storage devices to increase the memory of the PS4. Moreover, SSDs are quite expensive when compared with normal HDDs but they twice as fast as an HDD and you won’t have to stare at loading screens for much longer. Having an SSD in your PS4 is definitely worth every penny. 

Replacing the Inner HDD With SSD or HDD

If you always wondered how things work or what's inside of a PlayStation 4, and you're not afraid to open it, this is the task for you. PS4 uses a 2.5-inch SATA HDD that can be found in laptops, so finding a new one won't be a problem. Here are the main steps you'll have to go through:

  • Back up the data from your PlayStation on a USB or external HDD, or upload them on a cloud if you're a PlayStation Plus member
  • Unplug all the wires and power down the device
  • Uncover the hard drive by removing the casing, but keep in mind that it is not the same for every type of device
  • Unscrew the frame holding the hard drive, pull out the caddy, and unscrew four screws that are connecting the frame and hard drive
  • Feel free to swap drives, screw back everything, and close it
  • Download the software and install it

What Is Better for Upgrading PS4 Storage, HDD, or SSD?

In terms of performance, longevity, and speed, SSD is hard to beat. But there is just one drawback, its price. Although the prices are slowly but surely going down, SSD is still more expensive than an HDD, which means that it is not available to all users. The higher the capacity, the higher are the prices. For the same amount of space, the difference in price between SSD and HDD can be double, depending on the brand. However, with an SSD, you're making a long-term investment, so carefully consider all the pros and cons and make the final verdict.

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