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MADELA - A Master Class From Indie Game Developer

MADELA - A Master Class From Indie Game Developer

Madela - A third-person open-world with an amazingly crafted world and classic surroundings. The developer of Madela, Habib Alejalil did a pretty job with optimizing and overall gameplay of Madela.

 Madela is one of the first few projects of the talented Habib Alejalil and he is already making an impact in the gaming industry. 

In a wide world, you’ll play as Aiden who is the main character living in posh areas of Istanbul, Turkey. The developer made a statement that this game is based on real-life events where you’ll go through different scenarios to proceed in this game. 

Unlike some other indie developers, this game is very well-balanced and offers great value for money. It’s quite obvious that this game might have some bugs and errors that need fixing but keep this in mind that the whole project is managed by a 21-year old independent game developer.

Developing an open-world game at the age of 21 with a very tight budget can be a very difficult challenge for some but Habib Alejalil went above and beyond and made a pretty good looking game. This is not the first project of Habib Alejalil, he also worked on many different projects which also includes iOS apps and few other gaming-related projects.

There were some flaws in the initial game but the developer and co were able to fix most of the bugs and offer a smooth experience to the audience. The one thing that I didn’t like about this game was that it is very short. I mean you could end the whole thing within an hour and there’s really not much action or a solid story behind the characters. Then again, working on a tight budget will force you to compromise on a lot of things but still, the guys really delivered.

There are not many open-world games made by small-time developers because it needs a lot of hard work and dedication. Developing an open-world game at such a young age is definitely an amazing feat and I’m sure that this kid has what it takes to make it to the top leagues.

One thing that I liked the most about this game is that it is constantly getting regular updates and more content is being added to the game with each update. The developer is making sure that everything works smoothly and adding new content to keep the audience interested in the game.

The artists also did a great job of creating realistic 3D objects that are making things quite professional. I mean a FedEx van moving on the road with very smooth engine backing it is really something that you don’t expect from such indie games. 

Check out the Madela on Steam.

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