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Ergonomics for Gamers

Ergonomics for Gamers

We already know that gamers are, unsurprisingly, not immune to the negative effects of excessive idle sitting (sitting is the new smoking!), what kind of ergonomic gear should gamers seek out for their gaming  setup?

A gamer may have some different specific needs than your typical professional (lawyer, accountant, engineer, trader, etc), although the core ergonomic gear to help them fight the negative effects of sitting will be the same. Since most gaming rigs utilize more desk real estate, more consoles, and gaming paraphernalia, it’s important to choose ergonomic gear that support various gaming essentials.

If you are a gamer on a budget, here are the little environmental improvements you can work on to gradually introduce ergonomics to your gaming:

1.    Start with an Ergonomic Chair

            Most popular gamers may have panhandled their ergonomic chair sponsorships to you at some point, and this is because ergonomic chairs are one of, if not the most, popular ergonomic products geared solely towards gamers. Open any Youtube video with “streamer” or “gamer” in the title, and you will likely find them comfortably seated on their spankin’ new ergonomic gaming chairs.

But, getting a new ergonomic chair  (or an ergonomic wobble stool like the AnthroDesk Wobble Chair) is only one part of the battle. It is a good place to start, but ergonomic chairs will not entirely protect you from the effects of sitting. In fact, what most ergonomic chairs are designed to do is to make sure you are comfortable and you get sufficient lumbar support as you sit for hours at a time.
2.    Fight Carpal Tunnel by Supporting Your Wrist

Ergonomics is not only limited to spinal care; there is a whole line of wrist-support products in the market (like vertical mice), proving how vulnerable wrists can be to joint pains.
One common example of joint issues is carpal tunnel, which attacks the tendons and muscles around your dominant wrist. Most carpal tunnel sufferers share that their condition arose from excessive and unsafe use of work equipment, including computers. One way to help fight this is to use an ergonomic vertical mouse,

3.    Rest Your Soles on Comfortable Foot Pads/Mats

If you sit or stand for lengthy periods of time, experience leg fatigue or lower back pains as you sit, or you find yourself sitting cross-legged subconsciously because your body is trying to relieve bouts of strain, one of the best ways to deal with stress is to rest your soles comfortably on foot pads. This is also particularly helpful when your feet do not reach the floor when you are seated, or when the floor is too cold to sit or stand on.

            Foot pads will work regardless of how your entertainment room is constructed. Even with carpeted floors, a foot pad may still be beneficial if the goal is to enjoy added comfort as you work and play or if you want to eliminate back pains that often come when you stand or sit on uncomfortable surfaces for extended periods of time.

4.    Employ a Better Posture When Playing

Making the switch to ergonomic gear is only half the battle to conquering back pain and other issues that may arise due to excessive sitting or standing. To make healthy effects stick, it’s important that you start employing a better posture when working or playing.

Exercise, self-discipline, and mindfulness of your posture are just a few things to ensure that the positive changes you are making now are felt for years to come.

5.    Choose the Ideal Sit to Stand Desk

            The final piece of the puzzle and possibly the most important decision to make when working on your ergonomic gaming set-up is finding the perfect standing desk that will offer you both a comfortable and healthy gaming experience.
            To come up with the perfect choice, it often helps to list down what’s important to you as a gamer. Would it be more convenient for you if you could play on a gaming desk that accommodates multiple monitors or different consoles? Do you need an ergonomic standing desk that adjusts height automatically, or would you settle for a desk that can be manipulated manually?

            Also take the layout of your area into consideration. If your current computer desk is lodged at the corner of the room or between two adjacent walls, would you get the most value from an L-shaped standing desk?

            Identifying your needs is often the best first step to take when making any sort of purchasing decision.

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