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How to use Sky3ds with firmware V140 on 2DS/3DS 11.11.0-43?

Sky3ds with firmware V140 supports you to play free 3DS Games on even the latest 11.11.0-43 2DS/3DS/NEW 2DS XL/NEW 3DS XL consoles. If you want to play over 1000 free 3ds games on your console but with price less than $100, you can just buy the latest sky3ds card and follow our guide here. You shouldn't miss this Simple, safe and fast way to hack the Nintendo 3DS.

How to use Sky3ds with firmware V140 on 2DS/3DS 11.11.0-43?

Which Sky3ds work with firmware v140?
Not all Sky3ds supports Firmare like the R4 3DS  and not Only one sky3ds card in the market. So you should attention, Don't buy the wrong or out-dated Sky3ds card. The firmware V140 is released exclusively for Sky3ds V3, the Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds plus flashcard.
The newest Sky3ds is a flashcard with 2 orange buttons on the cartridge, the other old versions all have one button and the button colour is in Red or Blue. The buttons is for switching games when using Sky3ds card to play free 3DS Games because there is no 3ds game menu list for Sky3ds.
It's one of cons of Sky3ds, but it's a just a little problem, with the 3ds flashcard, you can download and play 1000+ 3ds games on your console, that's value of Sky3ds or Sky3ds+.
What you can do with Sky3ds card and its firmware 140?
V140 firmware is the most recent firmware for Sky3ds. it bacially includes all functions we hope for a 3ds game flashcard, here is the funcion list of sky3ds+ with v140 firmware.
1.     Hack any 3DS firmware console, including the 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, NEW 3DS, NEW 3DS XL and NEW 2DS XL.
2.     Support All Nintendo 3DS Games, excludes the eshop titles and out of region games.
3.     Load 1000+ downloaded 3DS roms or 3DS backups with a microsd card on 3DS.
4.     Use Ninhax 2.9 or other homebrew exploit to play cross-region 3ds games.
5.     Go 3ds games online safely without Ban via the tool Skydock.
First of all, you should find a reliable site to buy the Sky3ds, in Italia, go to official reseller Italiamods.com, in USA, go to official reseller Anxchip.com. They have the genuine sky3ds or sky3ds+ card and are the sites will really send you cartridge, No Scam, most importantly, they will offer you a free skydock tool if you buy the latest version sky3ds from them.
Then, you should download the sky3ds+ firmware? The V140 firmware can be found in official site sky3dsplus.net, so I think there's no need for me to link directly here.
Thirdly, just follow the sky3ds tutorial here to play free 3DS games on any firmware version of your 2DS/3DS, even the latest V11.11.0-43 included.
·    Format your old or new micro sd card, format to exfat. The sd card for your sky3ds card should at least with size bigger than 8GB, the 3ds game roms are large.
·    Go to sky3dsplus.net to download the sky3ds v140 firmware, decompress the firmware folder, you will get the firmware.bin file, put it into your sd card root directory.
·    Go to any 3ds game download site online, download .3ds files to your sd card too.
·    Insert the sd card to Sky3ds, put Sky3ds into your 3DS console slot.
·    Game icon will appear, now just enjoy all these free 3ds games on your consoles.

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