Thursday, 5 September 2019

FIFA 20 New Modes

FIFA 20 is already making big waves in the gaming community so that many players are enthused by its idea. The new version of the popular game is packed with many new features and game modes that players can enjoy considerably. We take a look here at some of them so that understanding them can be easy and players can stay updated with all the information regarding their favorite game.

FIFA 20 New Modes

  • FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) – FUT is one of the most popular modes in the game that is played by a large number of people worldwide. This mode helps in making and managing one’s club by using different players and managers and using various types of cards like the club items so that online and offline matches can be played easily. Players can also earn rewards in this mode so that the budget and the club’s quality can be improved significantly. In the FUT 20, players can make one’s own by making use of players and managers which are therein FIFA 20. Along with the various game modes, FUT can help in earning rewards and improve the performance of a club.

  • Career Mode – A lifelong career in the game can be played by using the career mode and it is one of the main highlights of this version. For a better understanding, it has been divided into two areas – the Player Career and Manager Career. Players can choose to play the game either as a player or as a manager. As a professional player, a career can be made rising by performing and becoming the best player in a club. 
  • Finally, one can retire and hope to become a manager. In the manager career, one can take over a club and manage its tactical features for better results. A manager will also be responsible for achieving the long-term goals and business objectives of the club.

  • VOLTA Football – In Portuguese, VOLTA means, ’to return’. It is a new game mode in FIFA that let players enjoys street soccer with all the creativity and lots of fun in a small-sided version. Players can choose to play football in different environments, settings, attires, and hairstyles. The customizations that can be made in it are endless and there are specifically four modes in which the game can be played – VOLTA Kick-Off, VOLTA World, VOLTA Story, and the VOLTA League. Away from the roars of the stadium, it can be one of the best ways to experience the game.

  • Pro Clubs – It is an online gaming mode in which a player can make or participate in a virtual club and play online matches with friends. There are 10 games in a season for a club and within this mode, a player can get promoted through a league. In this mode, people can create their club or become a club member so that online matched can be played. Drop-in matches can be a good way for a player to get matured as the Recommended Club screen can tell about all the people who follow a game player and the clubs where they belong to. Therefore, a player can improve his OVR and grow with this mode significantly. 

  • Kick Off – In this mode, quick matches can be played with the system or friends. All the available clubs and teams can participate in this mode and various types of matches can be played. The ‘Classic Kick-off’, ‘Survival Mode’, and the ‘UEFA Champions League’ are some of the most popular types of games within this mode that any player can expect to play apart from many others. 

  • UEFA Champions League – In the PLAY menu, UEFA Champions League will be available as an individual game. The real Champions League tournament 2019-20 can be played in this mode right from the group stages. However, the UEFA Champions League is also there in its other game modes like the Career Mode, FUT, and the Kick off Mode.

  • Online Seasons – It can be an excellent way to play in a divisional mode against online users and get a promotion or even win the title with the favorite club of a player. There are also Cup Matches within it so that multi-player tournaments can be played in a playoff format. It is a very competitive type of format as gaining through divisions will mean being promoted to a higher division. 

Let us look forward to the release of the new version, it will give us a big surprise, the new fifa series, FUT COINS: 

We have discussed here some of the most enticing modes of FIFA 20 and apart from them, there are Skill Games, Co-op Seasons, Practice Arena, Online Friendlies and a lot more so that players can always stay soaked in the excitement and fun that it promises.  

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