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Saving Eagles Board Game aims to save eagles.

Every year the number of endangered species increases in the world, with the changing climatic conditions, there is a threat to a variety of different species of birds and animals in the world. Similarly, the Philippine Eagles are also endangered, there are only 400 pairs of these endangered birds left. The Philippine eagles are inhabited in the forests of Philippines however, the eagles and their habitat need protection. 

 Saving Eagles Board Game aims to save eagles.

If you are someone who is passionate about doing something for the endangered species of the world then this is a perfect opportunity to participate in the campaign called saving eagles created by Eric Schadt who is a 4th grader and is passionate for endangered species himself. Eric created this game for his science project and it became super popular in his class and his friends that his dad helped him create a company for generating funds for the endangered Philippine eagles through the game he created for his project. 
What is saving eagles? 

Saving eagles is a board game created by Eric Schadt who partnered with the Philippine Eagle Foundation. The purpose of creating this board game is to generate funding by selling each board game and spend it for the protection of the Philippine eagles and their habitat. 

Aim of saving eagles: 

Saving eagles aims at bringing families together to learn about the endangered species while having a stronger family bonding and memories to cherish. This is not just a board game but it is a pathway to provide education from one person to another through interaction and healthy discussion. When the whole family is sitting together, they share ideas and opinions regarding the topic which leads to an increase in knowledge and awareness regarding the endangered Philippine eagles.

How does saving eagles benefit you?

Saving eagles has several benefits, if you are passionate about endangered species, it will give you an opportunity to actually do something positive for the endangered Philippine eagles. Secondly, it will allow you to spend time with your family and create a stronger family bonding. You will also get an opportunity to educate your family members regarding the endangered species all around the world and specifically the Philippine eagles. While learning, you will also improve your reading skills and your family will also improve their reading skills. It is an informative source of entertainment; you will not only learn but you will also have so much fun doing it. The funds generated will be spent on the protection of the eagles which will give you inner satisfaction and sense of positivity of doing better to the world. 

What comes in the box? 

The box consists of all the pieces that you will need to play the game. It comes with a game box, a game board which you will use to play the game, twelve games pieces, 48 card games, two dies and a game booklet for guidance. 

 Saving Eagles Board Game aims to save eagles.

How do you play the game? 

The game is played by following three steps, and each step has a meaning behind it. 

Step 1 is the fun part where you have to save your eagle from the dangers of the world and make him survive by avoiding any kind of danger such as a poacher or a trap, then the eagle is able to find a mate and then raising chicks. The final destination for the eagle is the Philippine Eagle Foundation. 

Step 2 is more of a learning, while you are saving your eagle, during this step you learn the reasons behind the endangering of the eagle and how it can be saved from the dangers. 

Step 3 is where you play your role to do something for the protection of the endangered Philippine eagles. When you get the game, you will get access to register your game on the online website. By doing so, you will get all the information relating to how you can help to protect the eagles in other ways. It will allow you to contribute to the protection campaign started by the Philippine eagle Foundation and Eric Schadt. Also, who doesn’t love discounts, the online registration gives you a lifetime 10% discount.  

By buying this game, you will not only have a good time but you will also be contributing to the protection of the endangered species of the world. 

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