Monday, 15 July 2019

Grand Theft Auto VI might be delayed according to analysts and more.

Grand Theft Auto VI might be delayed according to analysts and more.

It seems like Rockstar is making every effort to keep the production of Grand Theft Auto VI under curtains and fans are tired of the rumors about GTA VI. Recently a guy claimed on Reddit that the next Grand theft auto will be based in Brazil/Mexico in the 80s where the main character is making its way into the drug business. He also claimed that the setting of the GTA VI will also include Vice city.

In case you missed, the rumor also claimed that Rockstar has been working on Grand theft auto VI since 2013 but their main focus was on RDR2 And now it is being said that we might get our hands on the game in the upcoming years.

An analyst claimed that game might be released somewhere around April 2021 and it is expected to be released on the next-gen consoles. If Rockstar is aiming for the next gen consoles then we can expect official news on GTA from Rockstar after the official release of PS5.

I am hoping that we'll get to see our first look at GTA VI next year after the release of PS5 in 2020.
This is also this rumor that Rockstar might be more concerned about developing the sequel to Bully
which was revealed in 2016.

According to one report, Grand Theft Auto 6 will have the biggest open-world map ever created by Rockstar. But none of these reports are from an official source so we cannot tell you anything for certain.for now, we believe that fans will have to wait a long time to get their hands on Grand Theft Auto VI.

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