Monday, 10 June 2019

Microsoft announces Xbox Project Scarlett at E3 Event.

E3 is finally here and it has already gave us some goosebumps ! As expected Microsoft presentation at E3  revealed alot of upcoming games and also a Brand new Xbox console called ' Project Scarlett ' which will be launched somewhere in 2020.

Xbox : Project Scarlett 

Microsoft announces Xbox Project Scarlett at E3 Event.
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Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing the next-gen xbox console called "Project Scarlett" before end of the next year.According to Microsoft,This console feature an AMD custom made processor based on Xen and Navi Technology  would  be 4x Times faster than current Xbox One X.

Microsoft announces Xbox Project Scarlett at E3 Event.

It is also said that Halo infinite will be one the launching titles on this console.
In addition to its specs,Microsoft added that this all new next-gen console will be able to run games at 120 fps with GDDR6 memory and a powerful AMD processor to gives user the optimized gaming Experience.

Microsoft announces Xbox Project Scarlett at E3 Event.

For the first time we'll be able to see Xbox running games at 8K resolution at good Fps with their all new next gen SSD that will be acting as Virtual RAM. Microsoft claimed that these SSD's are forty times more powerful then SSD's that are currently being used.

At the End,Microsoft concluded "Project Scarlett" is the most powerful and high performing console we've ever designed,Built for creators to unleash their boldest creative vision and optimized for players to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience on a console any where"

The actual console was not revealed at the event so we assume that it is still under development and maybe they have rushed the announcement of this console unlike sony who excused themselves from this year's E3 so they can reveal their next gen console PS5 at another platform.

We don't have a clue what the price of this console would be and I think we won't be hearing it anywhere until its release next year.But again the Release date of this console is also not given so we can assume that Xbox Project Scarlett and PlayStation 5 will me releasing at some point in the next year's fall.

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