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Data Frog Gaming Headphones Review - Cheap Gaming Headphones under $15

Data Frog Gaming Headphones Review - Cheap Gaming Headphones

So I was browsing for cheap gaming headphones and these Data Frog Gaming headphones caught by eyes.So I bought these headphones online from AliExrpess for almost $14 (Which also includes shipping of the product).Starting with the Review.


Mostly the packaging of headphones is quite nice and properly packed but the box I received was in no shape but the product was in fine condition.Inside the box,the headphones were wrapped in bubble type packaging to keep the product save and it did a fine job.The headphones were in fine condition,A little pressed maybe but not too much.

Data Frog Gaming Headphones Review - Cheap Gaming Headphones

First Impression - I Waited for almost 2 weeks for these headphones and I was really excited that my headphones arrived.After Unboxing they made a damn good impression on me ! Red and Black contrast with comfy cushions and eye catching red led light.For $14,I think its a damn good purchase.


Now this is the moment I've been waiting for almost 2 weeks,I am finally putting on the headphones and they are very comfortable.You can easily adjust them with adjusters according to your satisfaction.

Data Frog Gaming Headphones Review - Cheap Gaming Headphones

Most headphones show their true colors comfort-wise within about 30 mins to an hour. If no irritations have shown up after an hour, they’re probably going to be excellent for long sessions. These headphones made the same impression.They are extremely comfortable but you cannot wear them for a longer period of time because you may feel a little dizziness and headache but you will get used to it in couple of days.

Sound Quality

Now lets move onto the main reason why I bought the headphones in the first place.I was looking for something that will make me feel comfortable and provide me with the ideal sound quality.
In these headphones the quality of sound is absolutely phenomenal but they have one con point and that is that they are not very loud.If you are looking for something that will make you forget the world then I am afraid these headphones are not your need.Once you wear them,You will not hear much sound from around you but you will feel a little sound so they are not completely noise friendly.

Data Frog Gaming Headphones Review - Cheap Gaming Headphones

Overall Sound Quality : As described by the seller,The sound quality of these headphones is very good in this budget.I would give 4/5 rating for the sound Quality.

Mic Quality 

I am afraid to tell you that the mic on these headphones is not Very good.If you like to play on team speak servers then these headphones are not for you.You will need to held the microphone close to your mouth so you can speak so I Don't recommend buying these headphones for speaking/taking Purpose.

Data Frog Gaming Headphones Review - Cheap Gaming Headphones

Overall Mic Quality  : Very Bad.I wouldn't recommend them but again for $14 bucks,You cannot get better than that.

Overall these are one the best headphones you can get under $15,I've been using them for about a week now and they are in mint condition.Impressed with the sound quality but microphone did disappoint me a little but those Red light made it up for them.Last Words would be : Nice,Comfy and Good Quality

You can Buy these from Here : Data Frog Gaming Headphones

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