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Best Zombie Games to Play this Summer !

Best Zombie Games to  Play this Summer !

The golden age of Zombie books  and games continues and  now they are  more popular than ever and in summer nights you cannot ask for anything better than Zombie Gaming Night ! And when it comes to gaming,There are hundreds of Zombie games but which one to choose ?

To Answer this question today we will be counting down our pics for the best Zombie Games to play this Summer !

Resident Evil 2 Remake 

Resident evil 2 is no doubt one of the most amazing zombie game but earlier this year a remake of this game was released which is even more realistic and horrifying.There are a lot of more feature in the remake version of the game that really optimize the gaming experience.

Best Zombie Games to  Play this Summer !

You will play as police officer Leon Kennedy and claire redfield as they try to escape the zombie apocalypse in Raccoon city.
Resident Evil 2 remake has one of the most realistic gameplay with 10/10 ratings on steam to back its performance.You can end this game in one setting so that's another reason why its an ideal game for Zombie Lovers.

Dying Light 

Dying Light is one of the best survival-horror game with a phenomenal Gameplay that made gamers fall in love with this game.Dying Light was released in 2013 but its graphics were still ahead of its time and that was also a plus point for the success of this game.

Best Zombie Games to  Play this Summer !

Dying light follows the story of an undercover agent named Kyle crane.He is sent to infiltrate a zombie Apocalypse in the city called harran. Dying light is an open world game which means that you wouldn't be bound the story,its not just about running and killing zombies but you can also explore the city.This game provides wealth of gameplay depth in the form of melee skills, weapon-specific abilities, and slow motion kills.

The last of Us

The last of Us does not need any introduction,It is by far one of most played zombie game ever existed.The last of Us is another masterpiece of Naughty Dog.The last of Us has amazing story of a man and girl crossing the post-apocalyptic united states.This game set the bar really high for all the upcoming Zombies game.

Best Zombie Games to  Play this Summer !

The original 'The last of Us' was released in 2013 but the game was so good that naughty dog made a remastered version of this game so gamer can truly enjoy this survival game.The last of Us has a rating of 10/10 on steam and received many awards over the years.A sequel of this game "The Last of Us 2" will release in February 2020.

The Walking Dead

The walking dead is the game that you just can't ignore.The walking dead is one the most loved zombie game ever existed.The walking dead has currently 4 seasons and we believe that Telltale Games is working on the 5th season and we may see it in action in 2020.

Best Zombie Games to  Play this Summer !

The walking dead is another great story driven game with an absolutely amazing gameplay that is both realistic and horrifying.The story of this game revolves around the post-apocalyptic city of Georgia with certain main characters.One of the unique thing in this game is that you can develop your character by choosing the dialogues and actions during quick time events.These actions develop the story along the game and you have to live with the consequences of your action. 

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