Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Lenovo Unviels the First 'Foldable' Laptop.

After Foldable Phones,Now its time for foldable laptops. Lenovo announced its first foldable touch screen laptop which would also be the world first foldable laptop.

Foldable Laptops

Lenovo has been working and on this project for almost 3 years and now has plans to launch it in somewhere in 2020.This laptop has  13.3-inch 4:3 2K OLED display that can fold up to about the size of a hardcover book These laptops are just like those foldable smart phones but larger in size and folding of the laptop is same as those foldable Smart phones.These 

  Lenovo Unviels the First 'Foldable' Laptop.

This lenovo laptop hasn't been given any name yet but it will be a part of Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Line up.
A thorough review of this Laptop prototype was done by Engagdet,Where they reviewed it and told us that this laptop has one of smoothest display without any hinges and imperfection free display.
If you intent you work in it as a work laptop rather than a notebook then you have and On-Screen Keyboard option or you can wireless keyboard with it.
The specs about this Laptop are not confirmed yet because it is still under development.At this point all we know is that it will be running on Intel CPU.There's no news beyond that on hardware yet and the price or release date of this laptop is still not shared  by Lenovo yet.

This laptop will be launching in 2020 but we may be able to get to know more about this device in next CES 2020.

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