Sunday, 7 April 2019

Is Uber's Air Taxi is the future of Transportation ?

In case you missed.2 months ago At CES in Vegas Many Sophisticated technology were showcased that  literally blows our mind.At Ces 2019,Uber Flying Taxi was also showcased that revealed he future plans for Uber.

Uber's Flying Taxi 

Uber Flying Taxi

Uber is working Bell Aerospace to develop Air Taxis.At CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Bell revealed the latest iteration of its Nexus VTOL ( (vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft, which is being developed as the preferred platform for Uber's Elevate air taxi program.Uber's Elevate Air Taxi program is   expected to be launched in 2023 in major cities of USA.
Bell Nexus  will use six tilting ducted fans powered by a hybrid-electric propulsion system, with wings helping supplement lift in forward flight. The actual duct casings themselves will contribute lift during horizontal flight, as well, but the Nexus will rely on the six 8-foot-diameter fans for forward thrust and, while pivoted to the horizontal, takeoffs and landings. Inside, flight information or sightseeing data will be projected on the windows or through goggles for passengers.Bell Nexus is designed by Bell flight which is aircraft manufacturer of commercial and military helicopters.We don't know how much a ride would cost you but I am sure that it will cost a fortune.

But we'll have to wait till mid 2020's if we want to experience this aircraft because it may launch in 2023 in USA but I am sure that it will launch alot later internationally.

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