Thursday, 17 August 2017

Grand Theft Auto V Update With Ocelot XA-21.

Rockstar continues to support Grand Theft Auto V, and this week is no different. GTA Online's latest update is now live, introducing a new car, discounts on lots of items, and more.
In terms of new content, this week's big addition is the Ocelot XA-21 Supercar, which you can see below and can buy from Legendary Motorsport in-game. Other than that, the update brings with it discounts on the Vom Feuer Anti-Aircraft Trailer, Mammoth Hydra aeroplane, Buckingham Valkyrie chopper, JoBuilt Phantom Wedge truck, and the HVY APC vehicle, as well as the Route 68 bunker. These are all available for 25% off until August 21.

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Also available during that period are double GTA$ and RP rewards during Gunrunning Sell Missions and the Sumo and Slasher modes. As an added bonus, Rockstar is offering the Black Coil Tee (above), free for anyone who completes a Sell Mission between now and August 21.
Finally, this week's Premium Race is a stunt race called Plummet II, and it's locked to Super vehicles. The Time Trial, meanwhile, is Tongva Valley. Premium Races pay out triple RP to everyone and big GTA$ rewards to those who finish in the top three, while the Time Trial offers GTA$ and RP rewards for those who beat the target time.
Take-Two announced recently that GTA Online continues to impress. Despite its age, June and July saw new all-time records for monthly active users, and the company has said it's committed to delivering more updates. Take-Two also claims it isn't worried about the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 hurting GTA Online.

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