Sunday, 13 August 2017


The World Best open world game Grand Theft Auto V is already downright beautiful, but that hasn’t stopped plenty of gamers from taking visuals to completely new levels with incredible mods like this one.
Of course, mods and visual changes are constantly being made in the PC version of GTA V, but this one completely overhauls the NaturalVision mod and it looks absolutely amazing.

NaturalVision Remastered has made changes to the environmental weathers, lighting system, ambient colours and tonemapping to take GTA V even closer to reality – with over 1200 hours being spent over six months to complete the update.
The creator, Razed, spent over 40 hours researching and looking through photos and video footage of Los Angeles and the surrounding area to complete an even more realistic experience, to the best ability of the GTA V game engine.
This Graphics Mod For Grand Theft Auto V Makes It Look Even More Stunning - Gaming
While NaturalVision Remastered has been shown off in the above trailer and screenshots, its creator admits it will never be finished, as he’s always open to community feedback.

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