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Video Scheduler Internal Error in Fallout 4

When it comes to Windows errors, the Blue Screen of Death is the most serious one you can encounter. This kind of error will cause your PC to crash and lose data. Taking this into consideration, you should really know how to fix BSOD errors, particularly the one called Video Scheduler Internal Error.

If you tried to play Fallout 4 and came across the Video Scheduler Internal Error, then you should know that you are not alone. Even those who upgraded their rigs with the latest components available on the market might have encountered such an error. Let’s dig deeper and find out more.

What causes the Video Scheduler Internal Error?

Speaking strictly from the gaming perspective, many users reported this kind of Blue Screen of Death appearing only while they were playing a game. More often than not, this error is connected with some issues with your graphics card. 

Usually, the problem is described as the following: a gamer will try to play Fallout 4, the game will load up a save and maybe work for about 1 minute. Then, all of a sudden, the game will cause the whole PC to crash and the dreaded BSOD error ‘Video Scheduler Internal Error’ will show itself on the screen.

Multiple causes for Video Scheduler Internal Errors

We only mentioned one possible cause – graphics card issues – but this BSOD error has actually a lot more possible causes. Let’s go through some of them, shall we?

- Overclocking – the Video Scheduler Internal Error tends to appear when you overclock your device. If you’ve done so recently, make sure to remove the overclock settings and perhaps doing this will solve your problem.

- Sleep mode – there are a lot of cases when this error occurs after the PC comes back from its Sleep Mode. Check your PC’s settings and see if everything looks ok.

- Chrome – Last but not least, there are more than a couple of Google Chrome users who reported an issue with the Video Scheduler Internal Error while operating the browser. This instance has a simple solution, luckily, and that would be to disable the hardware acceleration setting.

Solution for Fallout 4 Video Scheduler Internal Error

Now that we went through the general notion of the Video Scheduler Internal Error, let’s get specific and find out what you can do to carry on playing Fallout 4 without any hiccups. 

A simple look on a Steam forum revealed to us that trying older versions of your graphics drivers should be the first thing to do when you come across the Video Scheduler Internal Error while playing Fallout 4.

If this proves to be unsuccessful, then you should take into consideration the weapon debris setting. This option has been known to cause the new Turing cards to act up, although this quick fix may work on other graphics cards as well.

To sum up, you shouldn’t panic if you encounter the Video Scheduler Internal BSOD. Try some of the aforementioned solutions and you’ll be okay.

All the Credits & Source - Computer Garage 

Friday, 27 September 2019


Tapped Four is a Strategic & Addictive Card Game. Entertainment for the whole family. "Tap In, but don't get Tapped Out!"

Tapped four іѕ a nеw strategic саrd game that challenges рlауеrѕ tо mаkе саlсulаtеd decisions аbоut which card to lау dоwn next. It саn bе рlауеd with 2-8 рlауеrѕ аnd up tо 11 players wіth the expression deck. Thе орtіmum goal оf thе gаmе іѕ tо get rid оf аll of thе саrdѕ in уоur роѕѕеѕѕіоn fіrѕt, bу ѕtасkіng mаtсhіng cards аnd сhаllеngіng орроnеntѕ tо dо thе ѕаmе. It іѕ fаѕt аnd еаѕу to lеаrn, mаkіng thе іdеаl gаmе tо hаvе at оссаѕіоnѕ оr when уоu hаvе friends around.
Objective оf thе gаmе is tо be thе fіrѕt рlауеr tо eliminate all their card, from thеіr hаnd аnd on thе tаblе. Thе lowest ѕсоrе аt thе еnd of a ѕеrіеѕ of round is the “tарреd fоur wіnnеr”.
Bеnеfіtѕ оf tарреd four іnсludе:
  • ·         Grеаt соnvеrѕаtіоn
  • ·         Eаѕу tо lеаrn
  • ·         Lоw соѕt
  • ·         Kіdѕ and аdult friendly
  • ·         Sреnd more time wіth frіеndѕ аnd fаmіlу
  • ·    A game nіght favorite

Trouble Jumper is a game inspired by Mario - Download Now! 

Tapped fоur іѕ dеѕіgnеd fоr аgеѕ 10+, fаmіlу, co-workers, grоuреd settings. The gаmе is ideal for fаmіlу friendly game, 2 рlауеrѕ оr mоrе, game nіght groups, hоlіdау gаthеrіngѕ, оffісе parties.
Bоаrd games аrе a fаmіlу fаvоrіtе although, Tapped Fоur іѕ a fаѕt расеd gаmе thаt is еаѕу tо learn аnd wіll lеаvе уоu аѕkіng fоr mоrе. Whеn уоu'rе іn thе mооd fоr ѕоmеthіng fun, Tарреd Four wіll bе уоur nеxt go-to game. Yоu саn learn іt in a mаttеr оf minutes and the сrеаtоrѕ of thе gаmе showcase hоw еаѕу іt іѕ thrоugh hеlрful vіdео tutorials.

 Tapped Four is a Strategic & Addictive Card Game. Entertainment for the whole family. "Tap In, but don't get Tapped Out!"

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Sky3ds with firmware V140 supports you to play free 3DS Games on even the latest 11.11.0-43 2DS/3DS/NEW 2DS XL/NEW 3DS XL consoles. If you want to play over 1000 free 3ds games on your console but with price less than $100, you can just buy the latest sky3ds card and follow our guide here. You shouldn't miss this Simple, safe and fast way to hack the Nintendo 3DS.

How to use Sky3ds with firmware V140 on 2DS/3DS 11.11.0-43?

Which Sky3ds work with firmware v140?
Not all Sky3ds supports Firmare like the R4 3DS  and not Only one sky3ds card in the market. So you should attention, Don't buy the wrong or out-dated Sky3ds card. The firmware V140 is released exclusively for Sky3ds V3, the Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds plus flashcard.
The newest Sky3ds is a flashcard with 2 orange buttons on the cartridge, the other old versions all have one button and the button colour is in Red or Blue. The buttons is for switching games when using Sky3ds card to play free 3DS Games because there is no 3ds game menu list for Sky3ds.
It's one of cons of Sky3ds, but it's a just a little problem, with the 3ds flashcard, you can download and play 1000+ 3ds games on your console, that's value of Sky3ds or Sky3ds+.
What you can do with Sky3ds card and its firmware 140?
V140 firmware is the most recent firmware for Sky3ds. it bacially includes all functions we hope for a 3ds game flashcard, here is the funcion list of sky3ds+ with v140 firmware.
1.     Hack any 3DS firmware console, including the 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, NEW 3DS, NEW 3DS XL and NEW 2DS XL.
2.     Support All Nintendo 3DS Games, excludes the eshop titles and out of region games.
3.     Load 1000+ downloaded 3DS roms or 3DS backups with a microsd card on 3DS.
4.     Use Ninhax 2.9 or other homebrew exploit to play cross-region 3ds games.
5.     Go 3ds games online safely without Ban via the tool Skydock.
First of all, you should find a reliable site to buy the Sky3ds, in Italia, go to official reseller, in USA, go to official reseller They have the genuine sky3ds or sky3ds+ card and are the sites will really send you cartridge, No Scam, most importantly, they will offer you a free skydock tool if you buy the latest version sky3ds from them.
Then, you should download the sky3ds+ firmware? The V140 firmware can be found in official site, so I think there's no need for me to link directly here.
Thirdly, just follow the sky3ds tutorial here to play free 3DS games on any firmware version of your 2DS/3DS, even the latest V11.11.0-43 included.
·    Format your old or new micro sd card, format to exfat. The sd card for your sky3ds card should at least with size bigger than 8GB, the 3ds game roms are large.
·    Go to to download the sky3ds v140 firmware, decompress the firmware folder, you will get the firmware.bin file, put it into your sd card root directory.
·    Go to any 3ds game download site online, download .3ds files to your sd card too.
·    Insert the sd card to Sky3ds, put Sky3ds into your 3DS console slot.
·    Game icon will appear, now just enjoy all these free 3ds games on your consoles.

Saturday, 21 September 2019


R4 3DS XL, it's the flashcard working on both Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL, but can it work on the 2DS and the NEW 2DS XL? Let me solve your question here.

Can R4 3DS XL support on 2DS/NEW 2DS XL?

Can R4 3DS work on Nintendo 2DS or 2DS XL?
Yes, R4 3DS or R4 3DS XL is compatible with both of the original Nintendo 2DS and NEW 2DS XL consoles. That is becase, all of them are using the same system-3DS Firmware, the 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, 2DS XL, NEW 3DS and NEW 3DS XL. So the R4 3DS (XL) card is also supportting 2DS and 2DS XL.
Here are All R4 cards for Nintendo 2DS or 2DS XL.
·    R4i gold 3ds plus(Best R4 card, works with WoodR4, No Timebomb)
·    R4i sdhc 3ds rts
·    R4i gold eu 3ds
·    R4i gold pro 2019
·    R4 3ds dual core
·    R4 3ds rts lite
·    R4i b9s 3ds
Can Nintendo 2DS or 2DS XL play 3DS and DS games via R4 3DS XL?
The answer is Yes, firstly, either on the original 2DS console or the New 2DS XL, 3DS games and DS games are playable. Secondly, R4 3DS play free DS games on both Ninendo 2DS and 2DS XL consoles. Thirdly, for playing free 3DS or 3DS XL games, the R4 3DS card can serve as a helper too.
R4 3DS or R4 3DS XL, it supports 3DS console but not 3DS games, but today's R4 cards are compatible with one 3ds bootroom exploit, NTRboothax, this can be used to install Boot9strap and custom firmware on any Nintendo 3ds firmware console, once your console has CFW, you can launch FBI app to play the .cia files in your sd card, the .cia files can be any games, for example, you can convert the 3ds games .3ds to .cia format, so in the end, you can play FREE 3DS Games via the R4 3DS (XL).
Currently, even on the latest 2DS or 2DS XL V11.11.0-43E, the R4 3DS card works, that's today, on every Nintendo 2DS or NEW 2DS XL console, you can use the R4 3DS XL to play free DS and 3DS games.
Where to buy the best R4 card for Nintendo 2DS XL and 3DS XL?
It depends on where you are living, in different regions, you can choose different resellers. There are a number of R4 retailers on the Internet, you must feel hard to choose. Here, I recommend you the and
R4 store for Italians:, it offers a cheap R4 price, the best R4 card-R4i gold 3ds plus, free shipping to Italy and other EU countries, and most importantly, it can ship from the EU to Italy, so No Tax. 
R4 website for Americans:, it's your best USA store to buy R4 3DS or 3DS XL card. Not only because it ships from the USA by choosing the USPS carrier, but it has a Discord server with over 2000 customers already. So you can have much confidence to buy R4 3DS or R4 Switch from that site.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

FIFA 20 is already making big waves in the gaming community so that many players are enthused by its idea. The new version of the popular game is packed with many new features and game modes that players can enjoy considerably. We take a look here at some of them so that understanding them can be easy and players can stay updated with all the information regarding their favorite game.

FIFA 20 New Modes

  • FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) – FUT is one of the most popular modes in the game that is played by a large number of people worldwide. This mode helps in making and managing one’s club by using different players and managers and using various types of cards like the club items so that online and offline matches can be played easily. Players can also earn rewards in this mode so that the budget and the club’s quality can be improved significantly. In the FUT 20, players can make one’s own by making use of players and managers which are therein FIFA 20. Along with the various game modes, FUT can help in earning rewards and improve the performance of a club.

  • Career Mode – A lifelong career in the game can be played by using the career mode and it is one of the main highlights of this version. For a better understanding, it has been divided into two areas – the Player Career and Manager Career. Players can choose to play the game either as a player or as a manager. As a professional player, a career can be made rising by performing and becoming the best player in a club. 
  • Finally, one can retire and hope to become a manager. In the manager career, one can take over a club and manage its tactical features for better results. A manager will also be responsible for achieving the long-term goals and business objectives of the club.

  • VOLTA Football – In Portuguese, VOLTA means, ’to return’. It is a new game mode in FIFA that let players enjoys street soccer with all the creativity and lots of fun in a small-sided version. Players can choose to play football in different environments, settings, attires, and hairstyles. The customizations that can be made in it are endless and there are specifically four modes in which the game can be played – VOLTA Kick-Off, VOLTA World, VOLTA Story, and the VOLTA League. Away from the roars of the stadium, it can be one of the best ways to experience the game.

  • Pro Clubs – It is an online gaming mode in which a player can make or participate in a virtual club and play online matches with friends. There are 10 games in a season for a club and within this mode, a player can get promoted through a league. In this mode, people can create their club or become a club member so that online matched can be played. Drop-in matches can be a good way for a player to get matured as the Recommended Club screen can tell about all the people who follow a game player and the clubs where they belong to. Therefore, a player can improve his OVR and grow with this mode significantly. 

  • Kick Off – In this mode, quick matches can be played with the system or friends. All the available clubs and teams can participate in this mode and various types of matches can be played. The ‘Classic Kick-off’, ‘Survival Mode’, and the ‘UEFA Champions League’ are some of the most popular types of games within this mode that any player can expect to play apart from many others. 

  • UEFA Champions League – In the PLAY menu, UEFA Champions League will be available as an individual game. The real Champions League tournament 2019-20 can be played in this mode right from the group stages. However, the UEFA Champions League is also there in its other game modes like the Career Mode, FUT, and the Kick off Mode.

  • Online Seasons – It can be an excellent way to play in a divisional mode against online users and get a promotion or even win the title with the favorite club of a player. There are also Cup Matches within it so that multi-player tournaments can be played in a playoff format. It is a very competitive type of format as gaining through divisions will mean being promoted to a higher division. 

Let us look forward to the release of the new version, it will give us a big surprise, the new fifa series, FUT COINS: 

We have discussed here some of the most enticing modes of FIFA 20 and apart from them, there are Skill Games, Co-op Seasons, Practice Arena, Online Friendlies and a lot more so that players can always stay soaked in the excitement and fun that it promises.  
FIFA 20 is a highly interesting and riveting video game that can keep any player interested in it due to a large number of features and modes that can create a truly breathtaking experience. Users of the game will like to play it with friends and online competitors that can help in raising its excitement to new levels. However, playing the game can only be possible in some systems due to the need for a large number of sophisticated graphics and features that are there in it. Hence, some system requirements cannot be ignored for playing the game with ease.

FIFA 20 System Requirements

It is an aspect that is dealt into by its creators, EA Sports, and various modifications have been done in recent years so that people can play the game with ease. However, as on date, in addition to DirectX support, there are some requirements for PCs that are running on Windows 8 and 10 which must be met for playing it. In the subsequent sections, we take a look at them and fairly understand the technical needs. 
  • The company has specified minimum specifications – To help a large number of people to play the game, EA Sports has recently come out with its minimum requirement list for playing the game conveniently. It says that an operating system is desired that must be 64-bit enabled and it should be working on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Similarly, the memory and CPU requirements have also been stated so that players can get the minimum level ready in a system. It states that for CPU, Intel Core i3-2100 or AMD Phenom II X4 965 or equivalent can be highly desired for running the game satisfactorily.

  • The minimum memory requirement for running the game is 8 GB and the least-rated graphics cards that can support this game include NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB, AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB or anything equivalent to them. In addition to all of these requirements, a minimum hard disk free space of 50GB is needed to run the game successfully. For playing it online, users will need to ensure that at least 512kbps internet speed is there so that the game can run as intended. Moreover, an internet connection will also be required at the start of the game for installing it correctly. 

  • The recommended specifications are somewhat different – We have seen the minimum specifications that are needed to run FIFA 20 satisfactorily. However, the recommended specifications are a bit different than the ones listed here and to get the best reception of the game, they must be known by all interested users so that the best system can be put in place.

  • As of the requirement of the operating system, EA Sports lays its emphasis on Windows 10 as it can be the best suited for providing a clear reception. The recommended CPU by the company for playing FIFA 20 is Intel i3 6300T or the AMD Athlon X4 870K or any other processor that can be comparable to them. The recommended memory requirement is 8GB and the best graphics card recommendations include NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670, AMD Radeon R9 270X or any other card that are similar to them. The free space requirement in hard drive for the game stays at 50GB just like its minimum requirement whereas, for online connection, the recommendations say that a broadband connection can be more suitable for enjoying the contents of the game. With a higher speed, a broadband connection can be a better option for playing FIFA 20.

  • System analysis for playing FIFA 20 – FIFA 20 is a high-end game that will need ample PC support. The game has been designed and runs on the Frostbite game engine. Therefore, premium quality graphics of the game can be enjoyed in 1080p by ensuring that there are good graphics card and processor. The Radeon R9 270C graphics card and processors like the FX-8150 or Core i5-3550 3.3GHz can successfully process all information within a short time and create a seamless play experience. 
It is also important here to ensure that the GPU can run DirectX 12 so that the game can operate with ease. It is a very important requirement because otherwise, the game may not run at all. 
We have seen here all the system requirements that may be needed for running FIFA 20 successfully. Hence, if these requirements are met optimally, a player can look forward to playing one of the most entertaining games of all times with all pleasure.  

After these preparations are complete, you can start the game. Coins are very important in the game. We provide you with a quick way to get coins. You can visit: 

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Every year the number of endangered species increases in the world, with the changing climatic conditions, there is a threat to a variety of different species of birds and animals in the world. Similarly, the Philippine Eagles are also endangered, there are only 400 pairs of these endangered birds left. The Philippine eagles are inhabited in the forests of Philippines however, the eagles and their habitat need protection. 

 Saving Eagles Board Game aims to save eagles.

If you are someone who is passionate about doing something for the endangered species of the world then this is a perfect opportunity to participate in the campaign called saving eagles created by Eric Schadt who is a 4th grader and is passionate for endangered species himself. Eric created this game for his science project and it became super popular in his class and his friends that his dad helped him create a company for generating funds for the endangered Philippine eagles through the game he created for his project. 
What is saving eagles? 

Saving eagles is a board game created by Eric Schadt who partnered with the Philippine Eagle Foundation. The purpose of creating this board game is to generate funding by selling each board game and spend it for the protection of the Philippine eagles and their habitat. 

Aim of saving eagles: 

Saving eagles aims at bringing families together to learn about the endangered species while having a stronger family bonding and memories to cherish. This is not just a board game but it is a pathway to provide education from one person to another through interaction and healthy discussion. When the whole family is sitting together, they share ideas and opinions regarding the topic which leads to an increase in knowledge and awareness regarding the endangered Philippine eagles.

How does saving eagles benefit you?

Saving eagles has several benefits, if you are passionate about endangered species, it will give you an opportunity to actually do something positive for the endangered Philippine eagles. Secondly, it will allow you to spend time with your family and create a stronger family bonding. You will also get an opportunity to educate your family members regarding the endangered species all around the world and specifically the Philippine eagles. While learning, you will also improve your reading skills and your family will also improve their reading skills. It is an informative source of entertainment; you will not only learn but you will also have so much fun doing it. The funds generated will be spent on the protection of the eagles which will give you inner satisfaction and sense of positivity of doing better to the world. 

What comes in the box? 

The box consists of all the pieces that you will need to play the game. It comes with a game box, a game board which you will use to play the game, twelve games pieces, 48 card games, two dies and a game booklet for guidance. 

 Saving Eagles Board Game aims to save eagles.

How do you play the game? 

The game is played by following three steps, and each step has a meaning behind it. 

Step 1 is the fun part where you have to save your eagle from the dangers of the world and make him survive by avoiding any kind of danger such as a poacher or a trap, then the eagle is able to find a mate and then raising chicks. The final destination for the eagle is the Philippine Eagle Foundation. 

Step 2 is more of a learning, while you are saving your eagle, during this step you learn the reasons behind the endangering of the eagle and how it can be saved from the dangers. 

Step 3 is where you play your role to do something for the protection of the endangered Philippine eagles. When you get the game, you will get access to register your game on the online website. By doing so, you will get all the information relating to how you can help to protect the eagles in other ways. It will allow you to contribute to the protection campaign started by the Philippine eagle Foundation and Eric Schadt. Also, who doesn’t love discounts, the online registration gives you a lifetime 10% discount.  

By buying this game, you will not only have a good time but you will also be contributing to the protection of the endangered species of the world.